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Alchinie Designs was built off the back of a long-standing passion for the Equestrian Sports and the love of horses. One partner of the duo has been in the industry for over 25 years. A rider, artist, graphic designer, mother, and owner of one of the leading digital equestrian magazines in the UAE.


The other side of the duo is a business head in numerous fields and a leader in starting new businesses. Also, an avid equestrian who has previously supported in the setup of equestrian facilities in the middle east region. 

Every design is an intrinsic work of art in its own respect, we draw inspiration globally from culture and history. Our work goes through stages, as a team, we share our ideas and thoughts, bouncing concepts off each other till one or both click on an inspiration, next, we discuss what and how we believe it should be. Then we start sketching and refining; typically, this can take up to a few days till we are happy to move forward to the creation process of the final design.  

Duos Mundos is the founder's ethos for this new beginning when two worlds meet and inspire each other.

  • Fashion Brand


  • Equine clothing


  • kids


Alchinie Ltd

The Old Stables

Church Lane


Droitwich Spa



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